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Volunteers Needed - The Idea Project

What if we understood each other's differences? The IDEA Project's program introduces students to the idea of differences and what it's like to have different abilities?

This is what The IDEA Project teaches students during our disability awareness program. The IDEA Project will take place February 6, 7, and 8, 2023.

We NEED your help running activity stations! Our volunteers are SUPER important to our program being successful for the kids' experience. Click Here to sign up!  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE VOLUNTEER APPROVED THROUGH YOUR SCHOOL.  IF NOT, PLEASE COMPLETE YOUR KSD VOLUNTEER BACKGROUND CHECK

Each activity station represents a type of disability each student will have the opportunity to experience. We will give you all the training you need to run the stations. Running stations is super easy and fun. If you have any questions about what you will be doing, please don't hesitate to send a message to



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